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How does it work?

- We give you a free hosted online store.

- Customise your store to suit your brand.

- Upload your designs.

- Choose how much you want to sell your products for.

Tell the World about your New Brand and land your first order! (Remember to frame it)


When you get an order we print the item & express post it to your customer directly. But we remain invisible the entire time so that the customer only ever deals with you. We take care of all the hard & expensive things so that you can do the most important tasks like design and marketing.


“I already have an existing Online store” - No problem, just provide us admin access into your site's back-end. It will work the same way. We recommend Shopify.


How do I get paid?

- You just need a paypal account.

- Decide how much you want to sell your products for.

- When a customer buys from your store, we take away the printing prices that we charge. The remaining profit is yours.

- We post out your orders in plain packaging so your customers only ever interact with you.

- Your profits are automatically deposited into your paypal account at the end of each month.

- You have full access to all sales and details.

- You get a notification each time you make a sale.


What are the main Benefits?

- No start up costs involved!

- Orders swiftly delivered to your customers.

- Automated tracking and syncing with Australia Post / E-Parcel

- Photo-Real prints... You can print actual photos on garments with no limit on colours.

- Because we ‘print on demand’ using the latest digital technology there is never any old or 'dead' stock for you to worry about. (No need for any desperate 'Old Season Stock Clearances' ever again!)

- Evrst takes care of all your production, warehousing, packaging, staffing and shipping needs so that you can spend your time on the most important tasks that G R O W your new brand.



We use Israeli-made industrial digital printing machines valued at over $500k each. They produce amazing colour and deliver an industry-best print life that lasts almost as long as a screen print. 


Optional Branded Neck Labels and Swing Tickets

To provide the ultimate 'Retail' look we also provide the option of applying branded neck labels and swing tickets to your products.


If you would like to add this feature simply email us with your logo evrststudio@gmail.com




QTY: 1000

Size: 54 x 90mm (add 3mm of bleed)



Size: 17 x 30mm (no bleed)